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        ● Sturdy Poly Plastic & Waterproof Packaging      18 Hours of Light at Full Charge     Fits Brock Dock Posts or and 3.25" OD Post
Ultra-Bright Jumbo 8mm LEDs     Auto On/Off    Light Directed Down to Surface

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Solar Post Mount Lights
- Round, Square, Rect Posts
- Brock Dock Posts or 3.5"OD

Solar Surface Lights
- 4" x 4" Aluminum Lights
- 3" Diameter. Aluminum Dots
- 2" Diameter Plastic Dock Dots

Connect-A-Dock Lights

EZ-Dock Solar Lights

Solar Cleat Lights
- 6" for Wood or Composite
- 8" for Connect-a-Dock
- 8" for EZ-Dock

Solar Deck Lights
- 4" x 4" Aluminum Lights
- 3" Dia. Aluminum Dots
- 2" Dia. Plastic Dock Dots

Solar Hazard Lights
- Flashing, 1nm visibility
- Non-Flashing, .5nm visibility

Solar Regulatory Buoy

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Solar Powered Dock Light for Brock Docks
Also Fits any 3.5" OD Brock Dock Poly Cover or any 3.5" OD Metal Post

Brock Dock Underglow Solar Dock Light...Fits Brock Dock Post Covers & 3.5" OD Posts
This is the latest in Solar Dock Light technology Solar Dock Lights Online. Indirect downward lighting provides a unique and outstanding look for your dock.

Six amazingly bright LEDs are placed around the unit to shine light downward and outward all around the post creating an amazing look at night. The LED’s illuminate the dock post as well as the dock surface providing indirect lighting that will be sure to astonish!

The Larger top allows much more power from the solar panel to ensure full charging even on those cloudy days! During the day the solar panel collects the sun's energy and charges the batteries. At nightfall, the Brock Solar Dock Light's sensor automatically turns on the super bright LED.

With multiple units your dock will provide an elegantly lit pathway for all to walk on. This unit is hands free and energy efficient! Lasts 18+ hours on a full charge and is brighter than conventional solar garden lights! Yes it lasts all night! Just place it on your dock post and you are ready to go!

Solar Dock Light
For Brock Dock Posts or Any 3.35" OD Post

Brock Solar Dock Light
Solar Dock Light
For Brock Dock Post Covers (3.5" OD) or Any 3.5" OD Dock Post

$59.95 each
Buy 6 or more and save!!!
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