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Solar Dock Light 36" Tall Pedestal
        ● Sturdy Aluminum & Waterproof Packaging      18 Hours of Light at Full Charge     8 x 8 , 36" tall
Ultra-Bright Jumbo 8mm LEDs     Auto On/Off   

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Solar Post Mount Lights
- Round, Square, Rect Posts
- Brock Dock Posts or 3.5"OD

Solar Surface Lights
- 4" x 4" Aluminum Lights
- 3" Diameter. Aluminum Dots
- 2" Diameter Plastic Dock Dots

EZ-Dock Solar Lights

Solar Cleat Lights
- 6" for Wood or Composite
- 8" for Connect-a-Dock
- 8" for EZ-Dock

Solar Deck Lights
- 4" x 4" Aluminum Lights
- 3" Dia. Aluminum Dots
- 2" Dia. Plastic Dock Dots

Solar Pedestal Lights -
36" Tall Aluminum

Solar Hazard Lights
- Flashing, 1nm visibility
- Non-Flashing, .5nm visibility

Solar Regulatory Buoy

Solar Area Sky Lights

Solar Battery Charging Kits

Solar Powered Pedestal Dock Lights
Available in 8"x 8"x 36" Sizes

Solar Pedestal Lights are the perfect, easy, and economical way to provide extra lighting for your dock or marina. Mounts in minutes and provides all night illumination. Adding extra light to your dock or marina can be very expensive when you consider the cost of hiring an electrician, wiring cost, and monthly operating cost, so consider going solar at a fraction of the price!

During the day the solar panel collects the sun's energy and charges the batteries. At nightfall, Solar Pedestal Lite's sensor automatically turns on the super bright LED. Pedestal Lights are available in two sizes - 6"x6"x36" and 8"x8"x36" and are designed from 1/4" thick aluminum extrusions with a beautiful durable powder coat finish making them virtually indestructible. They can easily support persons leaning on them, using them as handles, watercraft bumps, light vehicle bumps, etc. The windows are cut from plexiglas making them very robust and resistant to damage.

Add a little extra flare with a custom laser etched logo on the windows to make your marina stand out from the rest! LED or the illuminating colors are available in white, blue, green, red, yellow.

If interested in custom laser etching and solutions please give us a call!

Solar Dock Pedestal Lights
For purchases of 10 or more units, please e-mail us for pricing.
  8" x 8" x 36" Solar Dock/Marina Pedestal Lights
  LL-SPL-PED-8x8-White LED

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  LL-SPL-PED-8x8-Green LED

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LL-SPL-PED-8x8-Amber LED

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Solar Dock Pedestal Lights 
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