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Solar Dock Lights
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Solar Boat Dock Lights - Post Mount
                        ● Designed for Freshwater Applications      18+ Hours of Light at Full Charge       Ultra-Bright Jumbo 8mm LEDs                 
Constant Brightness as Battery Discharges          Two User-Settable Brightness Settings        Auto On/Off Operation

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Solar Post Mount Lights
- Round, Square, Rect Posts

Solar Surface Lights
- 4" x 4" Aluminum Lights
- Aluminum Round Dock Dots
- Plastic Round Dock Dots

EZ-Dock Solar Lights

Solar Cleat Lights
- 6" for Wood/Composite Docks

Solar Deck Lights
- 4" x 4" Aluminum Lights-- Plastic Round Deck Dots

Solar Hazard Lights
- Flashing, 1nm visibility
- Non-Flashing, .5nm visibility

Solar Pedestal Dock Lights

Solar Regulatory Buoy

Solar Area Sky Lights

Solar Battery Charging Kits

Solar Piling Down Lights

Solar Powered Dock Lights

Commercial Quality Solar Dock Lights for Freshwater Boat Docks and Decks.
The most fully featured solar powered
dock post light on the market today.

The Solar Powered Dock Light, Freshwater Series V5 is the most fully featured, efficient and versatile light on the market. Replaceable battery packs, IP68 waterproof tested, adjustable mounting brackets for round, square or rectangular posts, and user modifiable LED colors. It’s 8mm white LED (standard) shines 4x brighter than even the best solar landscape lights and you can adjust it to either of two brightness settings. You’ll get all night (18+ hours) illumination from a fully-charged battery...all done with an efficient built in solar panel.

Our solar lights can be mounted on round dock posts of 1 5/8”, 1 7/8” and 2 3/8” OD; and 3 1/4” ID.
If your posts are 2" OD, order LL-SDL-2" Round. Do you have 2x2 square posts or square with rounded corner posts, or 1 1/2x2 rectangular posts? Just order the right kit; LL-SDL Square or LL-SDL-Rectangle. By the way, you can mount the solar lights to flat surfaces by removing all of the post adapters.

Versatility for Many Applications/Colors
No other solar dock light gives you the ability to change LED colors and to mount in so many ways? With all these options, applications are endless! Use them on your dock, deck, walkways, etc. Line your dock with standard white LEDs and place a red and green LED light at the end of your dock to mark left and right; or to mark your lift entrance. Place one on the swimming raft that you almost drive into every night! The possibilities are endless. Just order the individual LED Color 2-Pack you want.

Documentation (PDFs)
- Owners Manual/Instructions - 800kb    
- Post Size Measurement Tool     
- Solar Dock Light Detail Specifications

fits these post sizes

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$3 Off Per 2-Pack
(Same lights sold at up to $59 on other sites)
Solar Powered Dock Lights
Solar Dock Lights for
Standard Round Post Sizes
(1 5/8, 1 78" & 2 3/8"OD; 3 1/4 ID)

$55.95 2-Pack
Now $49.95
Solar Powered Dock Lights
Solar Dock Lights for
2" OD Round Post Sizes

$55.95 2-Pack
Now $

LL-SDL-2 Inch Round
Solar Powered Dock Lights
Solar Dock Lights for
2" x 2" Square Post Size

$55.95 2-Pack

Now $4951.95
Solar Powered Dock Lights
Solar Dock Lights for
1 1/2" x 2" Rectangular Posts


Now $49.95


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Other color LEDs or replacements
Want to Change from Standard White LED?
Choose the color(s) below (sold in 2-packs)
 Please order with lights to avoid additional shipping charges.
$3.95 per 2-Pack
$3.95 per 2-Pack
$3.95 per 2-Pack
$3.95 per 2-Pack
$3.95 per 2-Pack

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