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Solar Area Lights
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Solar Dock Overhead and Area Lights
             ● Anodized Aluminum Housing      24 Hours of Light at Low Intensity     Dust Free, Rust Free and Waterproof
Ultra-Bright Jumbo 8mm LEDs   ● Replaceable Battery Pack     Mounts on Pole up to 3" Diameter     Inrfrared Motion Sensor

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Solar Post Mount Lights
- Round, Square, Rect Posts

Solar Surface Lights
- 4" x 4" Aluminum Lights
- Plastic Round Dock Dots

EZ-Dock Solar Lights

Solar Cleat Lights
- 6" for Wood/Composite Docks

Solar Deck Lights
- 4" x 4" Aluminum Lights
- Plastic Round Deck Dots

Solar Hazard Lights
- Flashing, 1nm visibility
- Non-Flashing, .5nm visibility

Solar Pedestal Dock Lights

Solar Regulatory Buoy

Solar Area Sky Lights

Solar Battery Charging Kits

Solar Piling Down Lights

Solar Powered Area Light, Security Light,
Boat Dock Light, and Marina Skylight

Anodized Aluminum Casing, Ultrabright 5W Multiple LED Lamp, Replaceable Battery; and with IR Motion Sensor to Automatically Change Light Intensity from Low to High when Someone Approaches

The Solar Area and Security Sky Light is an advanced solar street light, courtyard light, boat dock light or area security light that incorporates a highly efficient solar panel, powerful lithium battery, and energy efficient LEDs in a small and compact easy to install package.

An advanced micro processor is integrated with an infrared sensor automatically detects when a person is nearby and automatically increases in brightness. The high brightness LED is maintenance free and provides powerful lighting in a small package. (5w LED lamp on average equals 100w incandescent). 5W lamp installed at 10' feet high will cover 10' area on high setting.

The solar area and security skylight is a versatile solution for lighting docks, areas requiring a security light, temporary/transportable lighting for events, and any other application where AC power is not practical.

When motion is detected, the super bright LED’s increase in brightness to provide higher intensity lighting for anyone in the area. After 30 seconds or when motion is no longer detected, the light lowers brightness to conserve power. This intelligent feature allows the solar streetlight/area/dock light to save power when no one is in range or utilizing the light, extending the length that the light will last.

Documentation (PDFs)
Solar SkyLight Specifications -PDF
Solar Skylight Installation-PDF

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Solar Area Skylight for Marinas,
Private Docks, Driveways, Parks, Walkways
5W LED Lamp, 12W Solar Panel

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Made in USA
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