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solar piling down light
                        ● Up to 26 hours of light at full charge (adjustable)       Ultra-Bright 8mm LEDs                 
● Down
Light shines on surface of dock or deck      
40/70/100/125 Lumens adjustable   ● Salt or Fresh Water Rated Auto On/Off Operation
Replaceable battery pack for extended life

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Solar Piling Down Lights

Solar Piling Down Light: Model LL-SPDL-8-X-X

The Solar Piling Down Light provides a unique aesthetically appealing indirect lighting down on the dock surface. This eliminates the blinding affect at night you get with most lighting fixtures. The separate down light is included with 1-meter wire which means you can mount the LED down light at your desired height above the dock surface to achieve the lighting affect you require. Optional Turtle Friendly Amber LED can be installed in the down light at time of purchase if you’re in turtle conscious inhabited areas.

This unit has an advanced microprocessor control circuit which monitors every aspect of the light and has protective features to prevent overcharging, over discharging, output control, and constant brightness technology even as battery voltage drops! Equipped with the industries latest LiFePo4 battery technology ensures numerous years of service on the same battery pack!

We are sure this is the most advance cost effective dock lighting solution on the market. Payback is typically 1-year or less when you consider the cost of installing electricity and lighting on a dock. Simply installing certified GFI power to a dock starts in the several thousand $$$ which doesn’t even include the wiring for each light fixture, and the fixture itself, so when you consider our Solar Piling Down Light which can be installed in minutes at a fraction of the cost it often pays for itself upon installation!

downlight white top and lensdown light black top and lens

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working piling downlight
Solar Piling Down Lights

$199.95 each

LL-SPDL-8-White Top & Lens & White LED

LL-SPDL-8 Black Top and Lens & White LED

L-SPDL-8 Black Top and Lens & Amber LED

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